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Sonam kapoor


Sonam is a Divine Goddess want to bow my head on Sonam’s feet and kiss , taste it lick it and with my tongue I also dream at night to be in her feet and licking it I want to be slave of her divine feet i wanna kiss it. may my dream come true i wanna live in her feet and worship her feet and her soles for whole of my life.

I want to be madam sonam kapoors slave.madam pls appoint me as your feet slave.i will live my whole life under your feet,worship纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮纮

wow,, such beauty and beautful feet,, iwud love to suck each of yr toesadn lick in between yr toes, lick yr soles,, smell yr toes and feet afetr you have worn yr hiigh heels shoes teh whole days,, plz gidt me yr stinky old sockc ,, i wud cherish them my whole life

I'd plant wet kisses all over your creamy wrinkled soles... Trace my fingernails and tongue along your deep high arches... Gnaw at ur chubby heels... Suck your toes, slurping their sweet nectar... Roll my tongue b/w ur toes... Ask u to command me in ur ticklish frenzy-"LICK MY SOLES..."
Suck & lick da balls of ur feet... Spit gobs full on ur upturned soles and toes & slurp it back hungrily... Eat melting choco chip ice cream off ur upturned soles... Wash ur heavenly feet wid milk & drink da holy milk off ur beautiful feet... Squeeze strawberry slices & cherries b/w ur toes & savour da mashed delicacies... I'd scrape da underside of ur toes wid my lower teeth, enticing pleasurable moans 4m u... Sending signals 2 ur brain dat u wont b able 2 interpret...

Sonam angel i love u. Plz make me ur footslave 4 da rest of ur lyf. I'd keep licking ur holy soles night & day, sicking ur honey toes as if there's no tomorow. I'd spit & drool at the underside of ur toes of ur upturned soles;
& slurp my saliva back, wich'd b holy-water 4 me by ur divine feet blessing.
I'd kiss & gnaw @ ur soft, round, chubby heels, wich r sweet as cheese.
Ur toes r meant to be sucked like candies only, slender & long lyk an infant's fingers.
I'd lyk 2 keep kissin & lickin ur creamy, wrinkled soles; placing dem on my cheeks & chest.
I wanna keep rainin kisses upon ur snow-white ankles & feet tops.
It's my heart's desire 2 let my cock & balls tortured by u, esp.undr ur beautiful feet.
I want u 2 bust my balls undr ur naked soles, as well as under ur high-heeled stilletos, ur flip-flops, ur platforms.
I want u 2 kick my testicles by ur angelic feet, whenever u want, just 2 see ur lovely giggles & laughs.
It's my dream 2 b used as ur footstool or evn substitute as ur coffee table on all fours, so dat u cn play wid my genitals whnevr u want, squeezing my balls b/w ur big toe & da insole of ur flats/slippers/flip-flops.
Plz Sonam goddess, giv me extremely teasin footjobs, enclosin jus my cockhead inside ur soft soles & drain out all da pre-cum 4m my balls, makin my cockhead ache & cause me pee again & again.
Plz let me use my tongue as ur "toe-floss", to roll my tongue b/w ur long sexy toes. As it is, thr r soft cavernous gaps b/w ur toes due 2 da extra toe lengths.
It's a blessin 4 me, so dat i hv more toe-areas 2 keep sucking & slurping.
Moreovr, da gaps b/w ur soft toes r filld wid reservoirs of nectar & honey.
I'll do nethin 4 u Sonam my love, if u let me become ur footslave & let me fulfill all my fetish fantasies above.
U cn probe my asshole or even my penis wid ur spiked heel.
I'd drink ur sweet & refreshing urine all my lyf, wich tastes lyk litchi-nectar.
I'd lick ur asshole clean 4m outside, as well as I'd eat ur asshole, worshippin ur ass; cleanin out ur bowels wud my tongue, b4 or aftr u take a shit.
Plz Sonam, make me ur footslave.

I'm madly in love wid ur heavenly feet!
Esp. after watchin Khoobsurat!
Da way u exposed ur creamy soles whn u wer talkin to manju; :P
& puttin ur milky feet up in da car a couple of times.
Sometimes I wonder if these scenes were deliberately added in da movie for ur foot-slaves like me!
If I wer in dat car wid u, I'd hv spent hrs n hrs worshippin ur angelic feet, like there's no tomorrow!
Da scene whr u dangld ur feet in da air, wearin yellow-smiley socks;
I'd hv grabbd ur feet; removin ur socks ever so-slowly.....
Exposin ur sweet, chubby heels first, thn ur complete feet of a goddess!
I'd hv gnawed at ur heels, slurpin dem; lickin n kissin ur snow-white ankles; lickin n kissin ur soft, creamy, wrinkled soles; tracin my tongue n fingernails along ur deep, high arches; suckin ur long, slender toes like candies; rollin my tongue between ur sweet toes!
I'd hv made love to ur beautiful feet, cumming ovr dem again n again; till my cock n balls ached in pain!
Love u sonam! Love ur feet!!! :*

Sonam darling u broke my heart in Dolly Ki Doli... :(
U danced "BAREFOOT" in da song Phatte Tak Nachna...
Everything ws gr8... Except dat u shudnt hv put ur creamy soles on da ground!..
Da scene after Dolly's 1st wedding... Whr Rajkumar Rao intends 2 consummate da marriage & u deny coz of "ekadshi vrat"... :P
Ur soft, wrinkled soles r focused upon on da bed...
I fell in love wid ur feet again & again... Pausing those frames... :)
If it hd been a real life situation, & hd I been ur husband, I'd hv made love to ur soles... :)
Holy God ur soles!!! :*
I'd hv smeared ur feet wid my hot semen... :*
Aftr da marriage scene wid dat "kaddu"; :P
U tol him dat u hd ur period dat day... :v
Hd it been a real-life situation & hd I been ur husband, I'd hv avoided vaginal sex wid u... :)
Instead I'd hv focused on ur tiny, crinkled anus... :*
I cn bet ur anus wud b extremely beautiful & tender... ^_^
I cn imagine ur anus to b maroon in color... Da outer crinkles wud b like da petals of a rosebud... :*
I'd hv eaten ur asshole... Lapping ur anal-honeydew-juices wid my tongue... :*
Thn I'd hv made love 2 u ANALLY, in every vivid & erotic way I cud hv imagined... ;)
I'd hv startd wid laying u on ur back... Raising ur heavenly feet to either of my shoulders & ramming my cock in2 ur cute little shitter!!! :)
I'd hv licked ur soles & sucked ur slender, long toes lyk a maniac while fucking ur anus;
smearing ur feet wid my saliva!!! :*
Sonam angel marry me plz plz plz!!! :*
I promise u dat we'll fuck lyk rabbits always!!! ;)
I'll worship ur heavenly feet each & evry day lyk a footslave!!! :)
U wont find ne1 lyk me, who's love u so much 4m ur head to ur "TOES"... ;) :*

If i get a chance to worship your feet then u r the first that ill consider maam

I want to suck her toes and drink her spit,wash her feet with milk and drink that milk and i want to be her dog and i will wrinkle her socks in my mouth so the sweat can go in my mouth and i want her to accept me as her slave. whenever she goes out i want her to keep her shoes and sandals over me so i can smell the perfume.while she is sleeping i want her to tie my face with her feet for the whole nigh

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